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Publish and sell your work in 3 steps!

Using the XinXii-platform is extremely simple!

You can immediately start selling your writings around the world:

  1. Select your preferred distribution channels
    At XinXii, you have the choice: In step 1 you click the "Publish" tab and decide, whether to still sell your publication on your XinXii author page, or to let us also distribute your eBook to major international eBook retailers - the ones you have chosen. With XinXii you have unparalleled market reach - for free.

  2. Create an account and set up your author page
    You now fill in the provided fields: category, title, summary, pages, keywords, your profile etc., enter the sales price and upload your eBook (in one or multiple formats).

  3. Sell your book around the world
    After having finished step 2, your eBook is available on your XinXii author page. If you have decided to distribute your eBook through us (see step 1), we will now go ahead and take care of the conversion and the shipment. You can modify your entries on XinXii and check your sales reports at any time.

Open your own XinXii author page - in less than 2 minutes, for free and with complete editorial and copyright control!

You upload, publish and sell your written work at XinXii and we handle the complete order and payment processing behind the scenes.

You have written a book? A novel, a short story or a biography? Excel templates, patterns, recipes or a guidebook? You have study notes or material to prepare for exams? A document someone might make use of?

Indie authors, writers, students, experts, publisher....: Start publishing and selling your documents and eBooks around the world - no matter what length, filetype or style your work is.

Why publishing and selling with XinXii?

There are many reasons for using XinXii, amongst the best are: You can start your publishing and selling right now, XinXii is an international platform (7 languages, 3 currencies, and american authors are not asked to give a tax ID number, just name and address), and XinXii is 100% free - so you have nothing to lose!

The key benefits in detail:

  1. Your own author page and eStore
    Digital self-publishing with ease: On XinXii you can now start publishing and selling your works in your own eStore - in 3 simple steps and in real-time, so that visitors can purchase the download already in a few minutes from now. You don't need any technical skills, you don't need a web hosting account to store your files, you don't have to understand FTP file transfer to upload your files and you don't need an online shop.

  2. No limitations
    With XinXii, there are no barriers: There is no minimum page length, no exclusivity, no contract duration, no DRM restrictions. And you just need one single XinXii account to publish under multiple pen names, eBooks from different authors, eBooks in different languages or at different eBook retailers.

  3. Global revenue model
    XinXii lets you keep a high percentage of your sales, while you set your own prices. We do not reduce your earnings by fees such as payment processing fees (by PayPal e.g.). And publishing and selling on XinXii is completely free. As XinXii is an international platform, you can manage your account either in USD, GBP or EUR. So if you select USD e.g., you will be paid by us in USD (w/o conversion).

  4. Fair conditions
    As you see what is selling, you can change all information and prices accordingly. Correspondingly, you keep the copyright and the right to remove your work from your XinXii eStore whenever you want to. And: Beside XinXii, you are free to sell your works wherever you want to.

  5. Keeping complete control
    XinXii is offering you the whole editorial control over how your digital works are presented and sold: you choose the category, enter all information (including the price) and upload the file. You are even able to upload your eBook in multiple-formats such as doc, ePub and PDF.

  6. Free eBook conversion into ePub and mobi
    You want your eBook to be distributed by us? We convert your eBook to the ePub format (for iBookstore) and mobi format (for Amazon) for free.

  7. Free eBook distribution
    One account with us covers the leading eBook retailers and outlets: XinXii distributes eBooks to a growing network of online retailers such as Amazon, the iBookstore and several other. You have the choice where your eBook is listed.

  8. Lean back! XinXii takes care of all billing and administration requirements
    You write, upload and sell - and we provide the tools! XinXii handles the complete order, customer support and billing processing behind the scenes. Publishing on XinXii is incredibly comfortable!

  9. Consolidated statistics
    XinXii allows you to gather real-time sales reports about how often (but not by whom) your eBooks are bought at XinXii. Accordingly you can react by changing the description or the price. An alert system notifies you via e-mail about any activity concerning your eBooks such as when someone has purchased one or comments on one of your eBooks. Additionally, XinXii weekly uploads your sales reports from our retail outlets to your account.

Join us on XinXii!

So if you have something written, publish and sell it on the Web at your own XinXii author page: a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, an Excel spreadsheet, an audiobook or a document created in PDF or ePUB - you can upload it to XinXii with a few clicks!

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