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   XinXii Basic Plan: sell on XinXii only

   XinXii Plus Plan: sell on XinXii and other online retailers

   XinXii Power Plan: sell on XinXii, other online retailers and free ISBN

Publish in real time

Register, start immediately and change your entries 24/7
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Your own author page

where you can sell your publications on XinXii
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Detailed sales reporting

per day, title and eBook retailer
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Full service

We take care of your billing duties and customer support
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High quality ePub/mobi conversion by our team

of various formats such as doc, odt and PDF
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Global distribution (*)

to leading international eBook retailers (selectable)
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free for fiction eBooks
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(*) Does my eBook meet the basic requirements for Global Distribution?

In order your eBook to be released for distribution, it should...

  1. belong to the genre fiction, biography or non-fiction (no patterns, samples, presentations).
  2. have a book cover that is uploaded to XinXii in at least 1400 pixels in width (only in jpg-format).
  3. have an imprint / copyright page (download sample here | docx)
  4. be well formatted (download the "XinXii Style Guide" here | PDF).

(**) XinXii Power is free of charge for all fiction eBooks.

For non-fiction eBooks the package is available for $12.99, £8.99, €9,99 (incl. VAT)

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